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How Does It Work?

You sign up, pay and upload your Word (or OpenOffice!) file. We have up-front pricing and payments to keep our pricing simple, and low.
We do our work on the book, and then you review it. We are currently averaging about 2 days to do the bulk of the work on books. Keep in mind that half the books are faster, and half slower than this number, with complex books sometimes taking longer.
You upload your finished, formatted book to Amazon's KDP!


Easy: don't feel like dealing with the stress of HTML, XML, or wondering why your Word file doesn't look right on the Kindle?

Conversion: We handle the details that make converting your Word file to Amazon's Kindle format go smoothly, and make it look good.

Features: Table of Contents, NCX navigation, images, tables (within the Kindle's limits), bullet points, basic marketing support.

Largest market: Most authors say that more than 80% of their eBook sales are via Amazon.

Books are 100% yours: You retain all rights to your book. We make it look good on the Kindle, but the book is 100% yours, and yours alone.

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Successful Authors

When I talk my voice is barely heard, when I write my voice is heard around the world and over the years. Thanks to Liberwriter, I can spend my time writing instead of banging my head against the wall. And when it comes to e-pub files, formatting, and the like, I did enough banging my head for help. Now, when I have a problem I email Liberwriter — end of problem. I can honestly say I move from project to project. After all, a writer must write so he can be heard around the globe! I’m currently working on a short story called “Putin’s Shoot-down!”
David Joseph - Korea x 2 (Korea Trilogy Book One)
LiberWriter is the best! I had been trying to format my manuscript on my own for weeks with no success; one problem after another. I kept contacting Kindle Support and they finally recommended LiberWriter and I'm so glad they did. They were friendly, professional and accessible and my book was formatted and ready to be uploaded to Kindle in two days. If you're like me and not the most proficient person when it comes to computers, then I'd recommend LiberWriter in a heartbeat.
Jesse Mayfield - Away From My Mother's Watchful Eye...a coming of age story
LiberWriter saved my life. I didn't have the time nor the tech skill to format my Kindle book, but LiberWriter took care of my problem quickly, with politeness and professionalism, and took all my stress away. I highly recommend it for your formatting problems.
Steve R. Lawrence - The Manufactured Night

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