About Us

My name is David Welton, and I created LiberWriter to help you publish eBooks.

LiberWriter got its start when I set out to write about my life in Padova, Italy, where I live. I'm a programmer, by trade, but still found the process of creating a book for Amazon's KDP to be reasonably difficult. I started thinking to myself that if I found it tough going, it's got to be a real nightmare for other people!

My guess was accurate, and business has continued to grow for us, slowly but steadily. Now, we're a micro-global company: there aren't many of us, but we live and work around the world.

As a company, we try our best to create good eBooks at a good price, and provide good service while doing so.

LiberWriter has grown so much and required so much work that I still haven't gotten around to finishing that book about life in Italy, although I'm working on it: http://www.therealitaly.com

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