LiberWriter Benefits

  • Easy:
    You upload your Word manuscript, we make it look good on the Kindle.
  • Supported:
    Need help with your Word conversion? Not sure about how something works? LiberWriter has knowledgeable support staff who can help you get the most from the system.
  • Marketing:
    Check out our automatic review copy generation system - create custom review copies to send to people.
  • Based on open technology:
    Rather than Microsoft Word, .mobi, or other closed formats, LiberWriter produces Kindle-specific HTML directly. At any time, you are free to download your content and do what you want with it. You can see the NCX and OPF files that we create for your books, so if you want to, you can learn how to do your own HTML-based formatting.
  • Safe and secure:
    We keep daily, weekly and monthly backups for you, as well as emailing you complete copies of your books at regular intervals. You won't lose your work.
  • You retain all rights:
    The books is yours, and will remain yours. We do the formatting, and you retain 100% of the rights to your book.

Kindle Publishing

Thanks to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program, it has become extremely easy to publish your own content to the Kindle.

  • There is a large, and growing audience:
    eBooks are very popular, and only getting more so, with the Kindle being Amazon's best-selling product, ever.
  • It's easy:
    You don't have to deal with editors or publishers or anyone else, really. Send your content to Amazon and you're good to go!
  • It just got even easier:
    Rather than fiddling around writing HTML, LiberWriter lets you concentrate on writing - we'll take care of making your book look good on the Kindle.

You can write your content in many formats for the Kindle Direct Publishing program, but LiberWriter makes it really easy:

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