Blokes muddling Through
pdr lindsay
About the Author:

Writing is like breathing, if you're a writer you have to write.

I wrote my first novel when I was seven! All about a pony, a creature I wanted to own. I continued with my first publication the next year in the school magazine. After that I published poems and stories regularly in the school magazine, and went onto publish poetry mainly in my univesity journals.

Then life got in the way. Travelling to be more precise. I think I have visited, worked, or travelled around everywhere except South America and India. They are next on my list.

Now I am getting older there is more time for writing. I have lots to say, but perhaps not so many years to say them in.



'Blokes Muddling Through' is a collection of six short stories about men coping or not coping with their worlds.

Suddenly you’re a fifty year old male, hitting middle age. Time to ease up, spend more time with friends and family. Retirement - dread thought - looms. The hard work’s done, the future’s secure. Or is it? And where’s the family anyway? The wife has spread her wings, works, has hobbies. The children have grown up on you, turned into strangers. Your friends have moved on. How do you make contact again? How do you sort out the changes in your life. Here are six men who tried to make sense of their middle aged lives in their own peculiar ways.

The stories have all been published in magazines and journals in Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK. One editor, who published most of them in the UK, called them my grumpy old men stories but it's not that the blokes are grumpy, they're just trying to cope with what the world flings at them in their own unique ways. Their ways might not be yours or mine but they are interesting to read about. Would you do as they do?

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