Mace of the Apocalypse
Daniel J Williams
About the Author:

Captivated by the eerie and a lover of things that go bump-in-the-night, I thoroughly enjoy embracing the fear that resides within. A scary story or movie is always at the top of my list.

Mace of the Apocalypse is my first complete novel which delves into the darkness within all of us. It is meant to shock and repulse at times, but also question who we really are or could become in an atmosphere of pure insanity. There is also a spiritual side to the story, because inside each of us is a struggle to come to terms with the true meaning of our existence.


A terrorist attack on a BART train has left San Francisco in the grip of a powerful toxin. Spreading like wildfire, its victims convulse violently until death overtakes them. With death, however, comes a new type of existence; more horrible and deadly than anyone could have imagined.

A small band of survivors led by Mason “Mace” Marconi, struggle to stay one step ahead of the raging infected as the virus spreads, battling not only the undead but a psychotic gang of drug-addicted teenagers intent on ruling the new forbidden landscape.

Father Jack McCann, one of their traveling companions, has gained possession of the only antidote for the toxin. Seeing it as a sign of God's grace, he has yet to discover the terrible side effects it contains.

The enemy is everywhere. The enemy is within. The zombie apocalypse has arrived.

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