Janae B. Weinhold, Ph.D.
About the Author:


Janae Weinhold grew up on a farm in the Midwest, surrounded by her father's predatory friends. She learned early on about con artists and sociopaths, as they were everywhere. Even her father. At the time, it all seemed "normal." Only later did she see recognize that they run the world.

It took her many years of being targeted by con artists before she recognized how they trapped people into doing things. Not only were these predators able to persuade people to do things that were self-defeating, but also things they didn't believe in.

Rather than being a victim, Janae decided to "get smart." Her Con Job series of books are the outcome of her journey to break free of con artists, sociopaths and predators. She shares many of her experiences in this series of books.

Janae had a doctorate in Planetary Psychology, is a former university professor and a licensed professional counselor. She has also lived and worked out of the country for extended periods of time, and credits these “outside the box” experiences with helping her develop a global and systemic perspective in her professional work. 

She has co-authored four print books on relationships and conflict resolution with her husband, Barry, that  grew out their “relationship laboratory.” They live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.



Are you softhearted, caring and kind?

Do you love kids & animals?

Does violence turn you off?

Do you attract people who steal your heart or ideas and use you?

Have you tried to fix broken people by showering them with your love?

If any of these things describe you, then this book is for you.

It was written for nice people who get ripped off.

It shows you how to break free of con artists, sociopaths and other kinds of “life-takers” who see your “life-giving” as a weakness and you as an ideal “mark.”

In this mind-stretching book, Janae shares stories of her encounters with con artists, sociopaths and predators. She describes how to spot these people and then to break free from their influence.

This ruthless Warrior for Truth and Seeker of the Shadow talks about her journey to know what is real and what is illusion. Eventually she decided to “get smart” rather than be a victim. This helped free her from the tangled web of family secrets and lies that she grew up with.

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