Faithful Journey
Warren Lamb
About the Author:

"Faithful Journey" attempts to reflect the lives and times of Paul, Peter and other well-known apostles in the spread of the gospel. Researching and writing the novel was a personal journey of faith, in helping me better understand the early church and to draw nearer to God and his grace, mercy and love. My hope is that the book will encourage you to study the Bible and it will enrich your own faith in Christ.


"Faithful Journey" is a unique historical novel based on the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament of the Bible. The novel hews closely to Luke's account and adds touches of fiction to help you meet the flesh-and-blood people who carried the good news of Christ from Jerusalem to Rome in the first century.  "Faithful Journey" is a modern portrait of the lives and times of people who played roles in this remarkable New Testament odyssey. 

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