The Low Carb Bartender
Bob Skilnik
About the Author:

Bob Skilnik is a freelance writer. He is a regular contributor for good eating programmes across the USA and also features in a monthly radio programme.

Seen on ABC's "The View," FOX News Channel and ESPN.

Myth: Beer is lower in carbohydrates than vodka or tequila. Fact: 1 oz of tequila has only 1 carb and certain vodkas have 0 carbs. For the millions of people who have become teetotallers as they curb their carb intake. The Low-Carb Bartender is here to help them join the party and enjoy alcohol again. This unique guide comes complete with carb counts of hundreds of drinks - from beer to wine to hard liquor. Perfect for family gatherings and entertaining and the casual after-work cocktail, this book can help dieters lose weight and have fun too. The Low-Carb Bartender features:- Carb counts for 800 brand-name beers; Carb counts for 300 brand-name wines; 200 tasty low-carb drink recipes, including vodka, tequila, rum and more


No Joke; no fad.It  really works. As sen on FOX News and ESPN.

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