The Manufactured Night
Steve R. Lawrence
About the Author:
My name is Steve R. Lawrence. I'm a dynamic writer with an incredible imagination. I write in a style that most people can relate to visually and psychologically and emotionally. I have a knack for touching upon universal themes. My story is unique because it is a love story after the chance for love has already gone. It is also about finding your fate after it's too late to fully live it out. Richard, the protagonist, feels he's been cheated from living out his potential. And don't we all feel that way at one time or another? Richard also feels like an outsider, not belonging to any kind of world, despite having a purpose in two worlds, the spirit world and the material world. There's also an intriguing look at lost love. Everybody has that one person who they feel is their lost love. And people are usually baffled as to why a certain person ended up a lost love, but in this story the characters see what occurred to have this happen to them. They get to see how they planned their fate to meet on earth, only to see it fall apart only moments before fateful meeting. This story is interesting because it takes a fascinating look at the darker side of love, with the longing for a person who is unattainable, an illusion of some sort. Romance within the unromantic. It's also unique in that there is no right or wrong in this story, the reader is allowed to draw their own conclusions about fate, life, and death. Another great element of this story is how the most unexpected people can impact a person's life, for good or bad, and how there are powerful forces affecting the lives of everybody. Another terrific angle of this story is how we can think we know a person, yet we come to realize that we don't know them at all, and they have a dark secret that can send shock waves through our life in the most personal way. One more thing, after you've read this book, you'll look at life with a whole different perspective, aware of things that were previously hidden, or perhaps, confirming what you already know, giving you the power to move through life more confidently. Please visit my fan page on Facebook -- copy and paste http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Manufactured-Night/112450925509891 "Like" it if you're feeling it!
Imagine a typical day in your life, whether it's at school or work, but you slowly realize that it's all an illusion, a memory playing over and over in your mind in an endless loop, until you discover you're actually dead in the afterlife. That's what Richard Goodley experiences at the beginning of this book. Yet his death remains a haunting mystery. He is then sent back to earth to guide the life a beautiful young woman, and that's when he makes the electrifying discovery that the fate he left behind is only beginning, and that's when the pieces of his death begin to come together in a staggering revelation.
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