Thormod Morrisson
About the Author:

Thormod Morrisson is a runester and tresmiðr (woodcarver) of Norse Scottish extraction with a long interest in Norse, Pictish, Gaelic and Far Eastern traditions. He established Thor’s Hammer Woodcraft, based in Scotland and produces traditionally made runes and various other heiðinn carvings.   


The Viking Runes is a study of the ancient Norse fuþark script used in everyday inscriptions, carved memorials and divination. It covers the Elder fuþark as well as the Víking fuþark of the Norðreyjar (Shetland and Orkney), the Suðreyjar (the Hebrides), Norse Scotland and the wider Víking world.

   With references to Norse and Celtic history, myth and saga, the Norse Gaelic tradition and warrior mysteries, this book covers the origins of the runic fuþark, inscriptions and secret codes, how to carve the runes, how to read them, the Norse gods and beings of the elder world, the practices of shape-changing, galdrar (magical song), spá (prophecy) and seiðr (trance magic), animal cults and the down to earth lore found in Old Norse verse. This book should be useful for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of the runes and more. 

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