Bloody Christmas
About the Author:


Thomas was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. A wonderful city with deep artistic and cultural roots, all of which he fully absorbed.

The pleasant and positive aspects of Edinburgh were balanced by the darker, bleaker, sinister side of which he both enjoyed and endured his full quota.

He loves writing; it stretches him to reflect, to delve deeper, and perhaps, hopefully, to even darker places.

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Twitter:                       @tommackayking


Christmas! Yes it’s here again that happy and upbeat festive time of year.

Well not for everyone; for some it’s a dark time a sad time, a time to yield to give in to the screaming inner voice. For others this may be a time that things go wrong just don’t work out as planned.

Memories fill your head when you have time to think time to recall during ‘Bloody Christmas’

Seven short stories to dilute the sugar coated edge.

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