The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything
Alan H. Dawe
About the Author:

Alan H. Dawe has been a student of life and spirituality for over five decades. He has always been interested in writing, and has been itching to write a book for many years. This came to fruition in 2012 with the publication of The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything. He was rapt to have The God Franchise win the Ashton Wylie Book Award 2012.

He is currently publishing his first e-books, The God Franchise: Tweet by Tweet, and award-winning The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything, as well as writing his new book, Two by Two: Soul Mates, Spirituality and Sex, which takes The God Franchise into the area of personal relationships.

Home for Alan is Auckland, New Zealand.


The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything was published in January 2012 in paperback. It was awarded the $10,000 Ashton Wylie Book Award 2012 in August 2012. It is now published in its entirety as a Kindle e-book.

The God Franchise dares to offer refreshing answers to the big questions of life and God and the universe in a friendly, down-to-earth, thought-provoking, stimulating, entertaining yet practical way. You will clearly see why God exists, why the universe exists and most importantly, why you exist. You will get a clear understanding of the meaning of life and the Universal Laws that guide it. You will be astounded at the simplicity of the big picture, while recognising the profundity of this glimpse of the Truth. You will begin this journey of discovery in the timelessness before the universe began and will reach today, this moment in time, in a state of clarity about how to live your daily life with purpose and fulfilment.

Note: This book is a spiritual book, and not a religious book. As you might appreciate, there is a difference.

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