The Sense of Sonnclere
Ivee Olivares
About the Author:
Ivee Olivares trained as a visual artist, graduating from the London Institute’s Chelsea College of Art and Design. But it was after losing sleep over one too many mystery thrillers that she decided to give writing novels a try. As in her art, she usually gets her inspiration for her stories during long afternoon walks. Unfortunately, her ideas also have the knack of keeping her up and writing way into the night. For more information, visit: www.IveeOlivares.com
A puzzling series of events. A strange scent. A unique gift. Dr Neroli Sonnclere knows when she smells a rat—and not just literally. Authorities are baffled when restaurants in Central London are suddenly plagued by rats. When it becomes clear that it’s more than a sanitary issue, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Adam McClellan reluctantly calls on police consultant, Dr Neroli Sonnclere. Dr Sonnclere is an olfactory scientist born with an extra keen sense of smell. She has the unique ability to discern odours undetected by ordinary human beings. For her, smell tells a story. It holds valuable clues that enable her to understand people, situations and places. If there’s anyone who can figure out the strange phenomenon, she can. Together with DI McClellan, who is sceptical at best, Dr Sonnclere uses her scientific knowledge and expert nose to sniff out the source of the problem. The trail leads to a villain with skills to match hers and who is determined to cause havoc in London. Why? More importantly, can they stop him? In this mystery thriller full of twists and turns, the investigation takes them around the chaotic, not to mention smelly, streets of London. They are only able to catch their breath before they are lured down into the bowels of the city’s underground system. For more information, visit: www.IveeOlivares.com
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