How to Write a Book Without Typing It in 6½ Easy Steps
Sean Fiedel
About the Author:

Sean Fiedel was born in South Africa to a Greek mother and a German father. He was a voracious reader, presumably as a welcomed escape from his parent’s opposing temperaments. Nevertheless, Sean also devoted himself to his studies and later truly discovered the joy of writing in junior high school. Since then he has never looked back.

Whilst in South Africa, Sean wrote promo scripts and film treatments for international film producers engaged in co-productions with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Canal+ and Animal Planet. His repertoire extends to TV commercials, mini documentaries, corporate videos and local TV productions including an award winning sitcom The Coconuts.

He now lives in Taiwan, the result of an initial 6 month sabbatical that has permanently turned into a love for the country, Chinese culture and food. He divides his time in Taiwan between two sausage dogs - Hank and Vienna - teaching English, writing textbooks for English learners, plus writing and editing for a monthly TEFL magazine. When he’s not doing all that, Sean loves to explore Asia.




In 6½ Easy Steps to SPEAK Your Next Book, Sean Fiedel boldly takes conventional writing ‘best-practices’ and turns them on their head. His message is simple, powerful, and transformational. He believes that when you’re producing the work of your dreams, what does it really matter how you get there? Readers will only see the end result, and this is what counts most – the completed manuscript. Inspired by more than two years consultation with an author coach, Sean reveals the innovative and groundbreaking methods that author coaches use to coach their clients to published glory. The steps in this manual help you go swiftly from the first blank page to a finished book on the shelf. You will also learn:


•             Why having your own book positively pervades all aspects of your life

•             2 key things you MUST do to prepare to write your book

•             How to create a storyboard like movie directors do

•             Why linear book outlines don't really work

•             Where all too many authors get sidelined in the writing process

•             3 simple rules for creating a really great book

•             Why dictation is so crucial to completing your book in record time

•             Plus bonus material “30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors” from the web’s most respected content creation expert




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