Lost and Found
Hank Scott
About the Author:
Hank Scott is a former journalist at newspapers in North Carolina (The Raleigh Times and Charlotte Observer) and Connecticut (The Hartford Courant) and has worked as a business executive at The New York Times (VP New Media/New Products), Out Publishing (President) and Metro New York (Publisher). Lost and Found is, in part, the story of the darker corners of his life, which started in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a rural Southern town that houses the world's largest Army base, and took him to New York City's gritty East Village and now to the cacophonous diversity of Miami, capital of Latin America.
In Lost and Found, high school friends reunite as adults in a search for their long-lost fathers and the love they've never known. They brave a Ponzi scheme, a ghetto gang and brutal torture to find, at the barrel of a gun, a love they never imagined possible. If you've ever wondered if you'll find love. If you've ever imagined it might take an unusual form. If you're a single adult who's asking "what next?" -- Lost and Found is for you.
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