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Isabella Morgia di Vicari is first generation American born of Italian decent, with a large Italian famiglia from Calabria and Trieste Italia. Growing up in Orlando, Florida and, raised in her famiglia's restaurant businesses has taught Isabella many life lessons including the wonderful culture of food. Isabella's true teacher was her Nonna Isabella, her namesake, who lived with their famiglia her entire life. It was in her cucina, with Nonna's influence that she lived and breathed all the wonderful Italian traditions that she embraces and shares today. Isabella's invaluable training came the "old fashion way", in the famiglia's kitchen and in the many successful restaurants they owned and operated. Those traditions bring the Morgia di Vicari famiglia back to the table where it all happens for them. It is Isabella's heart's desire to "Bring the Famiglia Back to their Table" and back to their roots and traditions. Isabella has recorded several cooking segments on local television and has appeared on several PBS stations all in the hopes of having her own television show one day.
What Can I Bring? A holiday multi-cultural cookbook from an Italian point of view. Quick and easy dishes one can prepare for holiday gatherings that are healthy and flavorful. This book has a heavy family theme. The chef is Isabella Morgia di Vicari, a Central Florida caterer who co-owned a premier Italian restaurant for over 20 years in Orlando. Her passion for people, family and food resonate throughout every recipe and personal story. Here is an excerpt from her book: "As you go through these recipes you'll see that you can use them in many different ways. In other words some of the entrees can be made into appetizers and vice versa. Now here are a few tips on how to make these recipes even healthier; •Use Whole Wheat Pasta. •Reduce the amount of extra virgin olive oil. •Add wheat germ to the recipes. •Replace some of the unbleached flour with whole wheat flour or soy flour. •Add beans to the salads or more of your favorite fresh vegetables Flavorful, aromatic, healthy and satisfying is what I think we should all strive for when we bring a dish to someone's home. We want "Mangiare con Sapore" - "Food with Flavor" as my Nonna Isabella use to say! The true message I want to convey to my famiglia or friends is that I care enough to make this for you. Sure at times it's easier to buy something already prepared, a bottle of vino, candy, and flowers. There's nothing wrong with that but when we take the time to create something well thought out, especially with them in mind, we communicate something very different. That's what I want to do. That's what I want to share with you. I'm always saying that in order to impact the lives of others we need to touch them at the "heart-string level". I believe it's there and only there where we're able to impact change or stir emotion within. I apply this mindset to all I do with famiglia, friends, business associates and my clients. Yes it's all personal to me."
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