The Hole In Eighth Level
John Deakins
About the Author:

    There is no other medium that feeds the soul and captures the imagination like a good book.  When the weight of the world presses down on each of us, or we simply need an enjoyable break from a busy and harried life, a book can transport us to places of dreams, incredible imagination, and enlghtenment. As has everyone, I have experienced many highs and lows in my life.  This is reflected in my writing by trying to be true to human experiences: love and hate, incredible joy and heart-breaking sorrow, open-mindedness, bigotry, the wonders of our natural world, the astonishing things to be learned beyond our physical senses, and the redeeming and universal qualities of "goodness". 

 I loved my years in school and eventually earned a university degree in English Education for K-12, and a second in Creative Writing. While teaching kids of all ages I was impressed by how smart, funny, creative and resilent they could be even in the toughest of curcumstances. Knowing the benefit of growing up loving to read anything and everything, I endeavored to instill the love of reading (and writing) in my own children, as well as the many students I was honored to teach. 

    I began writing before I had a whisker on my face. I have never stopped writing..whether short stories, essays, news articles, technical papers, magazine pieces, plays, a sreenplay, advertising, or simply recording my dreams in a journal.  I have done stints as a teacher, an oral storyteller, a recording engineer, a songwriter and musician, a poet, a blue collar worker, and more...all the while crafting my style, raising my huge family (and growing a huge garden to feed all those mouths). I have kept really busy...and in doing so I have never been bored...and it has given me much opportunity to keep my ear to the world and my eyes to the rythym of the hopes and dreams of people.

     I am happily married for 43 years to my high school sweetheart, the father of 7 children, and  "Papa" to my 25 grandchildren ages 22 to a few months.  There is no way (and I wouldn't have it any other way!) to not be immersed in the creative and wondrous world of children. For the last 3 years I have enjoyed being a real bearded Santa for the children of our area. I always spend time with the children and enjoy answering their Santa, Reindeer, and Elf  questions. I think I could write a book about all the interesting and funny things that I have heard the children say to me as Santa.

     I wrote the first Laser O'Hara book "The Hole In Eighth Level" for my children and grandchildren (my best and greatest critics) and have passed it on to you. I am currently working on the 2nd and 3rd of 7 books in the Laser O'Hara series, and finishing up a picture book for the little ones.  I certainly don't shy away from the complicated questions that are part of our culture and world, but believe that children should be well-rounded and given the chance to explore a bit of philosophy, religion, mythology, mystery,and universal human dramas and dilemmas.  I have not failed if I can engage the reader...and inspire a bit of thought, a smidgin of inspiration, and a good serving of entertainment.  So...

    The Laser O'Hara Series will be great reading for older children and young adults. I hope that parents will enjoy reading to their younger children the escapades of Laser and his sister Gabby, as they grow up, have fun adventures, and are challenged with everyday life and some tough decisions and incredible experiences in some not so everyday places.  


Laser O'Hara and his younger sister Gabby find themselves in a dire predicament after their family has been relocated, discovered, and then threatened because of the research of their long missing scientist father.  Luckily, through instructions his Dad has left coded and hidden for him in case of such a threat, Laser is able to build an L.D.D., a machine that makes it possible to travel inter-dimensional levels and to find and rescue their trapped father. Exciting ,sometimes scary, and even humorous events unfold when they unexpectedly pick up a couple of unplanned travelers. The greatest challenge for the kids is to stop an evil plan from collapsing all the levels and ultimately bringing about the destruction of the multiple worlds where they have learned to love and trust themselves and other wonderfully diverse beings. This book is a great triumph for illustrating the ongoing battle between good and evil...the dynamics of love and hate...and the complexities that often come with discerning the difference. You will want to continue on with Laser and Gabby as they pursue more adventures together discovering, shedding light on, and solving universal mysteries and intriguing enigma and puzzles. 

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