Free To Grieve
Teleah Scott-Williams
About the Author:


I lost my 16 year old son, who was also an athlete to sudden cardiac death. My book is a moving memoir of my journey through the grieving process and how I came to accept my reality of losing my son. I talk about the events surrounding my son's death and how it was initially treated as an investigation similar to homicide cases then I share what I learned about sudden cardiac death in young atheletes. Sudden cardiac death has become the #1 killer of young athletes. Parents should know that are kids need to be heart-healthy to play sports and they need to be more aware of the possible hidden heart defects that can only be shown through a simple heart screening. 


Free To Grieve – A Mother’s Memoir In Black and White is a powerful and compelling narrative about a mother whose life begins to quickly unravel when her 16 year old son, a high school football player, is found lifeless in his bed. Her son had died without warning from what was later explained as sudden cardiac death. After a harrowing plunge into the depths of despair and grief, she resurfaces with a greater sense of purpose to help spread awareness about sudden cardiac death in young athletes. Intertwined with personal excerpts from her journal she began weeks after her son’s death, this moving memoir offers a chronicle of her emotional devastation and unspeakable pain to how she moved forward through the gravity of her loss towards acceptance, wholeness, and renewed strength.


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