Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques - Alternatives to Controlled Crying
Rebecca Welton
About the Author:

Rebecca Welton is mother to two young children, both of whom now settle to sleep happily on their own and sleep through the night.  She runs a support group for sleep-deprived parents in Southampton, England and is a qualified child sleep practitioner.


What do you do if you are suffering from sleepless nights but don't want to let your baby cry it out? Most families are left just trying to weather the storm.  Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques: Alternatives to Controlled Crying offers families a new approach. The book provides varied and effective options for helping parents teach their babies to happily settle to sleep on their own and sleep through the night – without leaving them to cry alone.

Author Rebecca Welton, a mother of two young children and moderator of a support group for sleep-deprived parents, has brought together the best tips on how to get your baby to sleep better and for longer. Welton delivers five different Trust Techniques – four for babies sleeping in their own cots and one for co-sleepers – that build on the trust between you and your baby by ensuring that you always respond to their needs and never leave them to cry alone.

Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques: Alternatives to Controlled Crying covers:

  1. The best tips and ideas to help babies sleep better and for longer.
  2. A number of alternatives to controlled crying for parents to use when helping their babies learn how to settle themselves and to sleep through the night.
  3. The effects a sleepless baby has on other children in the family, offering techniques that take this into account, and giving strategies for dealing with more than one child.
  4. Ways of coping with sleep-deprivation.

The book is packed full of tips and advice, with special boxes detailing what worked with the author’s children, and the answers to the most common questions parents ask.  If sleep deprivation is stopping you from being the best parent you can be, the Trust Techniques will guide you in helping your baby learn to sleep better, giving your whole family consistent, good night’s sleep.


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