What's a nice girl like you.....
Harry Tarsky
About the Author:

 At age 91, I have a creaky body, but a youthful and agile brain. In addition to this novel I have one named PLANET SHAKESPEARE, which is also availanle on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book vendors. Underway is THE WITCH, THE ROBOT, AND THE PRIVATE EYE. I'm not sure yet what it's about; as soon as I know, I'll pass it on.                                   


Jay and his girl friend Tommie are Cinematic Art majors at USCLA, where they differ from other students because of their old fashioned morals, which requires marriage before sex. Jay inherits some money, and an Uncle who had never before visited him shows up. He is in the business of making porno films, and he fakes illness in order to drag Jay into his production. Tommie is furious, but Jay insists he must continue, so she joins the cast in order to be able to keep trying to disentangle him.

The camera man seems to be just an ordinary technician, but his agile and mischevious  brain sets every thing in motion. Others in the cast are four old time strippers, several coeds, the anatomically-gifted leading man, a European director with twelve eighteen year-old daughters, a  fabulous beauty, a suspicious police Captain, and a Mafia Don. Does Tommie remain a virgin? Does Jay repent? It's a fun read to find out.

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