Earth Allies
Vanessa Farria
About the Author:

At this juncture in my life I have a very strong desire to write a children’s fantasy story. I suppose the desire to write has been lying dormant. When I was a teen I wrote a poem as a classroom assignment and found that I enjoyed creating with words. Over the years I have written poems for my eyes only. I submitted one of my poems in a contest several years ago and it was selected for publication.  “Lonely Heart” published by the International Library of Poetry as a compilation in The Silent Journey

I wrote a short story for one of my daughters when she was around five years old about her backyard adventures. She loved it! Sometimes when my nieces would visit I made up stories to entertain them. I held them capative for a little while telling a story off the top of my head.

Here I am many years later pursuing my passion to write.

Earth Allies is a very good read.  I wrote the story to deliver a message.  The message is love, unity, and compassion. 


Twelve-year old Ethan decided to take a short-cut home, through the woods, from school after band practice.  While making his way home through the woods Ethan has an experience that he never imagined; he encounters two fairies.  Frightened and confused he runs home.  It wasn’t until his second encounter with the fairies that he learned what they wanted. The fairies explained to him that Gaia/Mother Earth is in danger of being destroyed and they ask Ethan to help them save her. Ethan eventually agrees to help but this is no easy task.  He is faced with several challenges trying to save Gaia/Mother Earth and he has a very short time frame to turn everything around. 

This story is a fantasy, written for youths ages 10-13.  It is warm and heartfelt.  Your child will enjoy reading a wonderful story about fairies and children coming together to save Gaia/Mother Earth.

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