American Community Colleges: The International Student's Guide
C.J. Shane
About the Author:

Citizens of the People's Republic of China, all 1.4 billion of them, represent 20% of all the people in the world. That is, one in five humans is Chinese.  Voices of New China is unique. This the first time average, ordinary Chinese people have been given a chance to talk about their lives in a relaxed, open manner.  This book is a great opportunity to learn about the lives of Chinese people.

Author C.J. Shane has traveled in China extensively and has lived there for short periods to teach English as a second language. Voices of New China includes cultural information from the author that will make the interviews even more meaningful.



In a series of interviews, Chinese young adults tell us in their own words about their lives, their values, their goals for the future, their daily joys and persistent challenges. They also tell us what they think of westerners and what they believe we need to know about China. Chapters by the author on Confucian values, recent Chinese history, and the typical life stages of the Chinese give meaningful context to their commentary.  Chinese blue-collar workers, educated professionals, and university students are represented in these interviews which were conducted with adults between the ages of 18 and 35.  Learn what life is like in China from the Chinese perspective.

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