Making Handmade Soap
About the Author:

I am the founder of Londa's Body Care where you can purchase handmade cold processed soap and other natural body care products.  All products sold are hand formulated by the founder Yolanda.  Yolanda is giving others the opportunity to make their own natural skin care products from the comfort of their own home.


Guide on how to make cold processed soap using organic and natural ingredients.  This manual comes with two sustainable palm free recipes and gives the properties of carriers oils and essential oils.  Details on troubleshooting and how to package and sell soap are included in this manual.

You will learn:

The definination of soap
Proper handling of Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
Carrier oil properties
How to customize your soap using different oils and butters
Helpful tips when making soap
Coloring soap with the use of herbs
Scenting with essential oils
How to use a lye calculator
Molds for making soap
Cutting and curing soap
Selling your soaps
Where to purchase supplies
Packaging your soap
Over 30 pages of detailed instructions

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