Living Healthily Beyond 90! The 9.99 Formula
Rafael Sandrea
About the Author:

I hope to inspire others to enhance their total wellbeing, by pointing out some of the facts and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle --at the individual level, national level, and global level.   

Based on solid evidence and scientific research, I am confident that anyone can improve their wellbeing by the lifestyle choices they make on a daily basis; and that those choices will significantly determine how long they get to live.   

I am a healthy and very active 78-year-old chap, who formerly was CEO of a petroleum engineering firm based in Caracas, Venezuela for 30 years.   I have lived in several countries, travelled around world and love to learn from other cultures.  A few years ago, I had a life-changing health problem which nearly took my life.  Fortunately, I recovered quickly and resumed a normal and healthy lifestyle.  Through this episode, I gained a new perspective, which motivated me to look and go further in enhancing my wellbeing.  









In only 9 minutes, you will get a bird’s eye view of eating habits and lifestyles of 99 percent of the world’s population, and discover 99 things about yourself that would allow you to enhance your total wellbeing.  All of this for only 99 cents!  That is the magic of the 9.99 formula.

You will also learn about life expectancy and prosperity around the world; which countries have reached the top and why; what lessons can we learn from them; discover the ultimate dietyour metabollic rate, and more!



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