Angel Assignment: The White House
Paul Murphy
About the Author:

Paul Murphy is a retired educator. The father of three grown children he recently moved to Southport with his wife, Shirley.

He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He then obtained his Masters in Education from Bowling Green State University in 1970.

Paul possesses more than thirty years experience in public education as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, culminating with sixteen years as superintendent of schools in several communities.

After he retired, Paul’s first task was to write the Christian fiction novel, The 13th Apostle, published by Evergreen Press. He is also the author of two murder mysteries, Time in the Mirror and Golden Rule Days.

He is a twenty-five year member of Rotary International. Paul has served in various capacities in two Lutheran churches. His love of Jesus prompted his writing The 13th Apostle and its sequel, Angel Assignment: The White House.


An accidental stumble by a Secret Service agent leaves the country’s leaders exposed for a split second. A shot rings out: an instant later, the Vice President of the United States is dead, and the First Lady is mysteriously wounded. While a shaken President sits beside his injured wife considering resignation, the fiend behind the assassination attempt ramps up a smear campaign calculated to initiate impeachment, and orders his henchmen to scare off—kill, if necessary—a troublesome reporter determined to report only the facts. Still not satisfied, the evil-doer funds Al-Qaeda in a conspiracy to bring both America and its President to their knees. The terrorist attacks are executed with near-perfect precision: as an airplane spews a deadly new strain of anthrax over a crowd of over 100,000 unsuspecting football fans, Al-Qaeda members gun down random individuals at other nationally recognized gridiron venues.

            The enemy’s scheme is working: the President trusts no one except family and Secret Service agents. As rumors and death swirl about the nation’s leader, the pressure to apprehend the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and name a new vice-president becomes almost unbearable. Prayer brings the President little comfort, for his faith has waned over the years, and he no longer believes in his religious heritage. As he flies off to a secret retreat, the President recalls his father’s and grandfather’s tales of “the thirteenth apostle” and the letters Gamaliel supposedly wrote, and rejects them once again as make-believe. But God has a revelation in store for him, and what he learns will be instrumental in his fight against his evil adversary.

            “Paul Murphy is a wonderful story teller. His work in Angel Assignment: The White House grabs you and keeps you until the very end. This is not just a page turner…it’s a page burner. Start it today and you are likely to be up all night and you will be glad for the experience.” Dr. Mark Cress, Founder, Corporate Chaplains of America, Inc.

Finally, a suspense thriller the whole family can enjoy and talk about. A book for all ages, Angel Assignment: The White House, is a modern day novel featuring the president as the good guy, and a bunch of bad guys to fill out the roster. A good story to talk about with family and students. A great, what if. Susan Warren Books 'n Stuff

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