Training to Gain, Not Remain
About the Author:
David Zahn has been training business executives, sales leaders, managers and others for over a quarter of a century. Before that, he tried training his siblings, teammates, and friends on what he believed were better techniques for success (he has had more positive outcomes with the business people!). As a lifelong trainer, he has learned many of the lessons contained in this book through experience, study, and application. Having worked, consulted and trained with companies like Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Shell Global Lubricants, and many others, he has distilled a lifetime of his and their best practices into this book for you to use and apply.
This book examines the process, decisions, and criteria used to make informed decisions about training. Covering everything from how to identify if training is the right response to a business issue, through the selection of different delivery methods and approaches to evaluating training efforts; this book is written in a practical, easy to implement, and entirely accessible manner. Included in this book are videos, quizzes, links to other content and examples covering nearly every scenario you are likely to confront in making decisions about training design, development, and delivery. David Zahn has provided you with an opportunity to shorten the time it takes to provide reliably beneficial training that positively impacts your company's efforts.
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