One and a Half Date Rule
Sheldon Myers
About the Author:

After more than a decade of sharing crazy dating stories about their escapades with women, two best friends decided to package their experiences and acquired techniques into a relatable, real source to share with other men – and that’s how The One and a Half Date Rule was born.

 From serving as wingman and advisor to one another over the years, the two friends, ages 30 and 31, knew they were on to something and created a dating system to guide men on how to have sex with women fast – minus the headaches.

 Being that both authors are everyday men that come from middle class backgrounds, they didn’t have the luxury, money or flash to attract women. With limited resources, they used trial and error to learn how they could date women and not get used. After analyzing women, their emotions and behaviors; skilled, clever tactics were created.

These tactics, coupled with confidence, allowed them to get the best looking girls to have sex with them quickly and inexpensively. The One and a Half Date Rule blog allows you to connect further with these two professionals.

For weekly blog posts and to connect with the authors visit them at http://oneandahalfdaterule.com/



If you are tired of wasting a lot of time and money on women just to have sex with them, then you can look no further, this is your lucky day – to be followed by many more.


The One and Half Date Rule teaches how to minimize your time while maximizing your efforts to have sex with women.


In short – this is a real book with real tactics and real results.


The book teaches you to utilize tactics to get women to let their guards down and allow you have sex with them quickly and inexpensively.


We hope you enjoy the read and pass it forward to your friends to help them step their game up.


Now, go divide and conquer.


~The One and A Half Date Rule Guys

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