Harry`s Prospects
Jo Kenworthy
About the Author:
I have long wished to see my words in print but like most career women who are also wives and mothers I have had to wait for the right time which I hope is now.
I love the written word and honestly believe that I can use that to convey my thoughts to the reader.
My working life in the health service and education has given me a very intensive insight into human nature, both tragic and comic. My interest in modern history leans my attitudes towards social comment rather than sensationalism.  
I would like to think that these attributes are recognisable in my work and even more so I would like my readers to appreciate those points of view
My tale of Harry Armitage and the highs and lows of his life will be easily recognisable to many people whose parents and grandparents grew up in the era between the two world wars in Northern England.  Perhaps the suspension of disbelief will be tested in that very few people of those times escaped from their life style.
There are still many men living who, as boys grew up with the words “when he starts work” ringing in their ears.
As for their women folk, love and affection never took pride of place against the threat of a lost pay packet.
Harry`s story does not end with Harry`s Prospects- his life and that of his son will still interweave in the sequel which will follow.
If you like a tale well told with characters you can believe in, try this one


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