The Wrong Side of Right
Tom Gosinski
About the Author:


Tom Gosinski grew up in Nebraska and graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  After college he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and held a variety of positions at America West Airlines including Technical Writer, Policies and Procedures, Manager Customer Services Administration, and Manager Government & International Affairs.  He left America West Airlines and serviced as Director, Government & International Affairs at the American Voluntary Medical Team.  Since then, Mr. Gosinski has worked in interior design and project management.  Mr. Gosinski has volunteered, served as a board member, and advised a variety of nonprofit organizations.  The Wrong Side of Right is Tom’s first book.



Intoxicated by the promise of travel, the sparkle of politics, and a fascination for the mystery of wealth, Tom redirects his life into what, he feels, will be a satisfying, promising future.  However, once on the inside, he realizes the sparkle was created by mirrors and the fascination and mystery were illusions carved in smoke. 

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