Starfish: A Mother's Recovery from Addiction
Donna M. George
About the Author:
Donna George recovered from heroin and opiate addiction in a long-term California drug program (Sunflower House) in 1982-83, which she wrote about in her first memoir, STARFISH. She lives on the East Coast with her partner and two cats, and is currently writing a coming-of-age memoir, tentatively titled HICKORYWOOD.
Website: http://donnamgeorge.com

What kind of mother abandons her children? Donna George couldn't imagine, until heroin and opiates became more important to her than life itself. Even drugs couldn't mask the pain in her heart, but they could get her busted. Her choice became jail or Sunflower House, an extreme, last chance rehab she couldn't possibly face. No other program had worked ... but maybe, just maybe, tough-love counselors and a handful of colorful characters could help her find the way through the madness and back to her daughters and her better self. An intimate, gritty memoir about addiction and recovery.

A bestseller on Amazon in Substance Abuse, Recovery, and Drug Dependency. 5.0 out of 22 Amazon reviews. Described as "Honest and raw." "A story that needed to be told." "Gritty realism." "A story of redemption." "Intense and moving story of recovery."

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