Loonies in the Dugout
Terry Nelson
About the Author:

I have always been intrigued by Charlie Faust who is buried on the grounds of Western State Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Washington. A fortune teller in Kansas told Charlie he would pitch the New York Giants to the pennant. He walked onto the field before a game in St. Louis during the season, introduced himself to Giants manager, John McGraw, and the most amazing things happened. When he was in uniform, sitting on the bench, or warming up, thinking he would pitch, the Giants rarely lost. Not only did he become their good luck charm, he ended up a star on vaudeville within weeks of arriving in New York. The team pulled some outrageous jokes on Charlie, but they loved him. And they won the pennant. To this day, it is unknown if Charlie was insane or slow in the head . His story is told through the eyes of rookie Chet Koski, who has his own crazy story to tell.


Chester Koski is a 22 year old rookie for the 1911 New York Giants, floundering both on the field where he is unable to figure out big league pitching, and in life where he is unable to determine the nature of luck, of God, or his girlfriend, chorus girl, Eveleen Sullivan. Though Chester can’t get a hit on the field and is not making a hit with Eveleen off the field, he is determined to figure out life and win back Eveleen before the season ends. That and making sure Charley Faust, a man either insane, slow-witted, or something else entirely, gets his apple pie. Based on a true story, “Loonies in the Dugout” mixes fictional characters with Bat Masterson, Damon Runyon, George M. Cohan, Charlie Faust, Christy Mathewson, John McGraw, and members of the New York Giants in a satirical look at celebrity and fame.

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