Octopus' Garden
Aaron Mermelstein
About the Author:

"Paul is dead" was only the beginning.

It's 1970 and Beatle fans around the world comb the album covers and listen to Beatle songs forward and backward, trying to find “clues” that might lead to a logical solution or confirmation to the rumor that “Paul is dead.”

When two college radio DJ's join the search, they learn what the clues REALLY mean and begin an odyssey that takes them far beyond their studio. They discover a conspiracy to create a genuine Utopia, a true "Octopus' Garden." They are launched into a world-wide intrigue and quest that very quickly changes their lives forever.

After forty years, Jeff Scott finally reveals the solution to the mystery and confesses that the “clues” were not clues—no quotes necessary. The were guides that led to a life-changing experience and a life changing place: a genuine “Octopus’ Garden” beneath the waves.

Based on actual events and people, the story is an authentic excursion through the dreams of the Beatle Generation. But where does reality end and imagining begin?

The book recaptures the spirit and excitement of Beatlemania and--perhaps most important--the time when Beatle fans and Baby Boomers felt there was something special going on in their world.

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