The 95% No One Tells You About Music Production - How To Be A Great Music Producer
Mark Flannery
About the Author:

I have been in the music industry for the past 30 years. I was lucky to have started in the old system where if you wanted to be a music producer you did an apprenticeship in a recording studio shadowing producers and learnt as you went along. If you were lucky you got to observe some of the greats of music and production create materpieces that stood the test of time. I was extremely lucky!

My career has taken me from Ireland, the UK, around Europe, USA and to Australia. I have met and collaborated with some of the greats in music production and artists. Some of the ones I am most proud of are U2, Def Leppard (Hysteria album, Depeche Mode (Violator Album), Black Sabbath, Yes and many more. Since 2002 I have been a tutor at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) and have developed a real passion for music education, especially as the opportunities that I had are not their any more.

I think it is really important to share knowledge and the digital age makes that possible so much easier than before. This first installment is based on a series of questions that I regularly get asked by students.


This book is short, deliberately. In this digital age I think people want authors (of non-fiction anyway) to get to the point and tell them what they need to know quickly. It may be short but I believe it is rich in concepts that used correctly can accelerate someone's progress to becoming a great music producer.

It was written because I have searched but never found a guide to Music Production that gives the reader an insight to what is actually important. Most Music Production courses, magazines and books focus on the use of equipment like software packages and microphone placement. These are extremely useful but they are a guide on how to use the TOOLS not what music production is really about. It's a bit like telling an artist about the different brushes they can use for different situations and them expecting them to be the next Monet or Picasso!

When I first started as a runner in a studio almost 30 years ago, I was sat down by the Chief Engineer and told that the most vital thing to understand and remember is that music production is 95% psychology and 5% technology. In my view too much of the material out there focuses on the 5% technology so I want to redress the balance in a small way.

I intend this small book to be the first in a series so my hope is that readers will give constructive feedback with requests for other areas that they would like covered in the future. Until then good luck!

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