Enemy Among Us: Whistle Blower
Shelia Zulfiqar
About the Author:
Shelia Zulfiqar enjoys exploring creative expression. She has written poetry, fiction and self help books. Writing has always been a source of pleasure and relaxation for her. Her inspiration for writing comes from all forms of daily life, which makes everyday interesting. Enemy Among Us: Whistle Blower dipicts a moral struggle . The struggle has to do with making a choice to save the lives of many at the expense of one's own. We always have a choice to either reach out and help someone in need or walk away , as a result putting our own needs first. Everyone has asked themselves at one time or other: What should I do? or Can I trust this person? Questions not easily answered and which often cause internal conflict. The story explores making the correct decision when pressured to do the opposite. I'd llike readers to take with them after reading the book the message : " Doing the correct thing is not easy. Taking the road against the grain takes courage,commitment and a belief in something bigger than yourself." Happy Reading!
Enemy Among Us: Whistle - Blower .Peter and Joanna move to the well known town of Misty Springs. He has just been named scientist of the year by his employer , " Biotech Labs ." After being promoted to chief investigator of the biohazards department their lives begin to unravel. He suspects the towns main source of revenue is causing the death of many. When Peter tries to prevent more causalities , threats are made against his life and he is forced to go on indefinite leave from the lab. As the clock ticks, he races to find a solution, before more lives are lost. What does he do? Who should he tell?
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