Super Shy
Robert Deason
About the Author:

When the author, Robert Deason was a young child, two older boys tied him up by his feet and left him hanging alone, hidden inside a building. That memorable incident makes its way in an altered form into Super Shy. The author's situation isn't unique. Most kids experience either teasing, bullying, or being left out, especially during the junior high years. The author made it through junior high a long time ago, but watching his own children's struggles as pre-teens/young teenagers, it seems not much has changed.  It's a time of great turmoil. Imagine going through it while carrying the secret of a super power, a power that could be your salvation or your downfall.

You won't feel sorry for Edelweiss and her friends. You'll be rooting for them to find their way, because you'll see yourself and those you love in their struggles. Super Shy is an adventure, it's a coming-of-age story, and a fantasy grounded in the hard realities of being a kid.


Edelweiss Featherwhite lhides behind her shyness to cope with the bullies who tease and hurt her in junior high school. During Science Club, an accident changes Edelweiss from a wallflower into a girl who can walk through walls What do you do with a weird power like that? Well, when two other eighth grade outsiders get secret super powers, too, Edelweiss teams up with them to get back at the kids making them miserable.

Revenge doesn't taste so sweet, though, once Edelweiss falls for the most popular boy in school, nor when she and her classmates are forced into an unexpected fight for their lives. Unless Edelweiss and her partners overcome their own weaknesses and embrace what truly makes a hero, no kids will survive to see graduation day.

Anyone who has attended school, been bullied, or possesses a secret power will relate to this fanciful tale of overcoming jealousy, betrayal, doubt and the desperate need to fit in.

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