The Last Good Fairy
Celeste White
About the Author:


As someone with a background in both science and the arts, the challenge of blending and harmonizing them has always appealed to me. I studied molecular biology and epigenetics at the University of Massaschusetts, Amherst, where I obtained a Master’s degree; this gave me the background for my neurobiologist protagonist in The Last Good Fairy. Although there is no autobiographical basis to this novel, like the artist in the book, I create and sell found object art, a pursuit I’ve enjoyed for most of my adult life.

I’ve written my entire life, starting in second grade; I studied Creative Writing at Wellesley College, where I graduated with a double major in English Literature and Biology. My children’s book, The Legend of the Flying Hotdog, a fable about the power of kindness, was published by Green Tiger Press and optioned for film. I’m drawn to fairy tales for their deep roots in the human psyche, their allegorical wisdom, and the enchantment these tales have always brought me. 



Sachi, a brilliant young neurobiologist living and working in San Diego, has constructed her life as a carefully controlled experiment. Her intention is to hold all variables constant, thinking this will protect her from suffering and loss. But when a devastating event shatters her world, she must reconstruct her entire approach to living. An encounter with a mysterious, intriguing artist leads her down an unconventional path to healing and introduces her to the possibility of magic co-existing with the laws of science. And along the way, she discovers both her humanity and her spirit.

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