Ethnic hair maintenance and retention: Hair types 3 c or 4
Shelia Zulfiqar
About the Author:
The author: Shelia Zulfiqar has an active lifestyle. She travels often. She knows first hand how a demanding schedule can be stressful on your hair. In this book she talks about her battle with dry, brittle hair. She shows how her hair became moisturized, strong and began retaining length. She discovered that everyones hair grows, the trick is to learn how to retain and maintain growth.This is a step by step guide towards growing a healthy head of hair.
Ethnic Hair Maintaince and Retention Guide: Types 3c and 4 What afro ethnic women have been taught about hair has a major influence on how each woman takes care of her hair. The fact is we come from so many varied cultural backgrounds and our hair textures vary (from a very thick tightly kinky curl to very fine naturally straight). There are many textures in between the above mentioned. When I talk about afro ethnic hair I must identify the texture type I am giving information about. In this book I will be discussing techniques helpful for hair type 3c and all the type 4’s. These hair types need a lot of patience and care. Sort of like tending a garden and watching seeds and bulbs bloom into beautiful healthy vibrant flowers (this cannot be achieved without a lot of time, effort and care.) Developing a regular hair care regime, using products that your hair responds well to is very important. After much hair growth heartbreak, I started researching how hair grows. I learned about hair types and more importantly how those precious strands stay on your head. Reading about hair became my obsession. I learned what I could and applied the new information to my daily hair regime. Guess what? My hair stopped breaking off and began retaining length.
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