Why we Worry
Dr. Jerry Kennard CPsychol
About the Author:

Dr. Jerry Kennard is an established and popular self-help writer. He spent many years working in a variety of healthcare settings before eventually moving into teaching and research where he headed a department of psychology. Jerry has blogged for some of the leading health-related sites on the web. He is the former Men's Health Guide at About.com and he now writes a regular blog for Healthcentral.com on the topics of depression and anxiety.

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Why we Worry addresses many of the questions and issues confronting people with anxiety. It is aimed towards people with worry and anxiety, those who care, and those who simply want to learn more.
The book was formulated from some of the most popular questions and concerns to come my way over the past few years. My ‘more than a webpage but less than a textbook’ principle still applies by providing a concise and accessible overview of anxiety as well as self-help tips and treatment information. A valuable and accessible resource.
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