Chaos Quarter
David Welch
About the Author:
David Welch hails from the capital district of upstate New York. A long time fan of action-adventure tales in all genres, he has been writing continuously since he was a teenager. His book CHAOS QUARTER is now available on Kindle.
In the future mankind has spread itself across the stars…and promptly divided itself into dozens of competing nations. Some things never change. The worst of it all can be found in the Chaos Quarter, a hive of failed states, petty tyrants, pirates, and religious extremists. Into this mess comes Rex Vahl. Formerly a pilot for the democratic Free Terran Commonwealth, Rex was scape-goated for the death of a power commander’s son. As a result he is basically given a suicide mission: cross the Chaos Quarter and investigate the mysterious space beyond. Problem is that nobody who has entered that space has ever returned. Rumors abound of a reclusive super-power, so addicted to genetic engineering that they can no longer really be considered human. When Rex discovers that all the rumors are true he finds himself being chased cross the galaxy by two overpowering warships. What does he have on his side? His co-pilot is a former prostitute with tiger-striped skin. His gunner is a traitorous ex-nobleman wanted by his former countrymen. His engineer is a laid-back cyborg exiled for asking one too many questions about God. Add in a woman genetically engineered to have no free will and you get his motley crew. Armed with only a souped-up freighter, Rex and his band of out-casts must out-fight, out-fox, and out-run their enemies if they are to make it back to the Commonwealth, and reveal the terrible truth of what lies beyond the CHAOS QUARTER…
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