Misadventures In The Art of Chivalry
Kirsten Zeller
About the Author:

I love all kinds of books, and enjoy writing in many genres. So far, I've published two books, one about modern vampires, and one a medieval fantasy. I love a good sword-swinging adventure, and, if it's funny, so much the better. A deep love of Terry Pratchett style comedy inspired Misadventures in the Art of Chivalry, at least to some extent. A sequel will probably be forthcoming, but my whims may take me somewhere else first.


Princess Calanthe's extraordinarily boring life has just taken a very interesting turn. Two out-of-work knights have kidnapped her as part of a brilliant money-making scheme. Only thing is, her kingdom is flat broke.

Her worried parents reluctantly enlist the help of her brother Kendrick to rescue her. But Calanthe doesn't want to go home. Their plans ruined, the little band needs a new source of income. Plan number one: rob a dragon.

As if they didn't have enough problems, Calanthe is being pursued by a Prince that she refused to marry. In the midst of it all, Calanthe must decide what matters most, and the lengths she will go to defend it.

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