Gardens of the Heart
R.S. Hepworth
About the Author:


The author lives in wilds of eastern Washington State where the Colville National Forest edges out onto the channeled scablands.  He shares his home with his wife and two Golden Retrievers.  Before moving out west the author lived and worked in Washington D.C and Europe. 

He graduated from the University of Utah and holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Southern California.  After his service with the US Army, he worked in both private industry and state government.



Their only child was dead.  They’d squandered their time with their precious daughter and now she was gone.  Absorbed in their own lives, blinded by selfishness they didn’t see their daughter grow up alone. 

Neglected by her family, Sarah found solace in her cherished garden. It was there, sheltered within her tidy nursery and comforted by the simple elegance of her garden, that she longed for love, nurtured her dreams and pursued her passion for knowledge.   

Working alone among the roses, Sarah made a remarkable scientific breakthrough.  Her discovery was worth millions for agricultural and pharmaceutical concerns.   Despite the commercial potential the goal of her work was never money.  Sarah's goals were much more profound and deeply personal.  Her discovery could heal the rift between her parents, save their marriage and even their lives.  

Sarah’s love, her dreams and her secrets did not die with her but unravelling the mystery of her daughters death would lead her parents on a journey across the ocean and deep into their own hearts.  The gift Sarah left for them could save them both if the could find it in time.

Could her parents find the strength, and the courage to face the truth before it was too late?  The answers could only be found in the Gardens of the Heart. 


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