A Devil Incarnate From Altar Boy To Alcatraz
Patty Terry
About the Author:

Patricia (Uziel) Terry was born in Kansas City, Kansas, Oct. 1941. Grew up on Strawberry Hill, went to Saint John the Baptist School and was in the adjacent orphanage just like my Uncle Willie Radkay. I was raised by my grandmother, Uncle Willie's mother. I never meant to be an author but listening to my Uncle's stories I knew they had to be in print for posterity. I can only imagine what he didn't tell me about the life he led.


Willie Radkay grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, spanning the two World Wars, Prohibition, the Great Depression and the Gangster era. A lawless soul, Willie survived numerous bank robberies, jail breaks, escapes and gun battles. Looking at old microfilm of newspaper articles in relation to a jewelry heist my Uncle told me about it, I read that he had been shot 12-times.  I took the printed article to my Uncle to ask him about being shot.  He said he didn't remember.  I said: "How can you get shot 12-times and not remember", he replied, "Tough skin, soft bullets and they didn't hit anything important". In the book a picture of Willie's torso shows the six slugs still in his body but imagine my surprise after viewing the entire X-ray after the book was published he also had a slug in each arm, which meant he carried 8-bullets in his body for over sixty-years. In later years when he drove to our home with a fractured hip from a fall my husband and I carried him from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.  My husband commented: "You sure are heavy for a little guy".  Uncle Willie said: "Yeah that's from all the lead in my ass".
 The Kansas City Star said that Willie was one of the most notorious armed robbers in Kansas City's history.http://www.willieradkayalcatraz.com

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