Two Old Goats and One Good Shepherd
Alma Barkman
About the Author:

            My husband and I have always been a pair of do-it-yourselfers.  When we got married 56 years ago it was with the understanding that he would bring home the bacon and I would fry it.  With four kids under foot and only one wage, people figured we were destined for financial ruin, but as practicing Christians, we embarked on a faith journey, the aim being to have "neither poverty nor riches." (Proverbs 30:8)  Achieving that goal was not without its humour nor its spiritual lessons, both of which I share in the book.



    "Two Old Goats and One Good Shepherd" is a collection of humorous anecdotes with Christian applications.  They are the personal experiences of the author and her husband as they were involved in building their house, gardening, cooking, camping and many of the other endeavors required to achieve simple living but abundant life.


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