Rae Thomas
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Violet is trying to remember.

The pictures don’t help. She’s analyzed countless photographs of her life before the accident, but nothing in them is familiar. She still doesn’t recognize her parents or even herself. Not even her father, who has dedicated his every waking moment to her recovery, has been able to resurrect her memories.

Together, they intend to start a new life in Eligo, where no one knows who they are, or what they’ve lost. There, Violet meets David. He provides a welcome distraction from the pressure she feels at home. With him, she can be herself instead of struggling to be the girl she once was.

But when Violet suspects that her father is lying about their past, she needs David’s help to uncover the truth. What they find goes beyond her family—a secret worth killing for.

It’s too late now. Violet and David can’t turn back, and there’s only one option left.


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