75/Fifty Five...Fit and Fat Free
Stanley Miller
About the Author:

I am a retired electrical engineer that became alarmed upon learning my doctor's diagnosis of onset diabetes.  This concern lead me to finally do something about losing weight to try to mitigate the oncoming health problems. My doctor recommended losing at least 10 to 20 pounds as a start, which I began immediately. Concurrently, I began research  to determine the best healthy diet to lose and then maintain a new permanent, target weight. As I describe in the book, I was able to lose weight remarkably fast and with amazing results. Not only did the weight dissapear but my health situation significantly changed for the better as well. 

My wife was impressed with my diet and encouraged me to share my story with others that may be overweight or obese. She knew there were many people that could benefit from this diet plan. As a result of her gentle proding, I am now the proud author of my first book.

If any reader wishes to ask a question or share information, I can be reached by email geewhizztoo@gmail.


  This book is autobiographical in the sense that it is about my struggle with obesity most of my adult life and what I have done to conquer it. A fight that has finally ended as I am no longer obese. I am no longer overweight, and best of all, I am successfully maintaining a healthy, active weight. I could say journey to success was difficult and filled with dreadful sacrifice, but it was not. It was, in fact, surprisingly easy. Clearly one cannot lose more than fifty-five pounds and maintain this loss without a little discipline and sacrifice, but the payback far exceeds the small price one pays. What is it worth to gain better health, and physical liberation in the form of new strength, agility, balance, and energy? Good health is of paramount importance, particularly as we advance in age. If one is age 49 or older, chances are, they want to capture at least a portion of their youth. They want to be in good health, move without pain, and look good, lively, and attractive. They want to enjoy life and feel wanted by the people who are special in their life. People under 49 want these things, too, of course, and this diet plan will work just as well for them. Though this book has a primary focus toward the  more advanced in age, it is as critical for children and young adults among us. The overweight young people face serious social pressures daily, which affect relationships, confidence and self-esteem; their addiction-like eating habits to the wrong foods and lack of consistent, moderate exercise is putting them at risk to a life-long battle against overweight and unhappiness. 

The book gives the reader an account of the many benefits they will receive. Not only will they feel better but they will look better. Stylish clothes will fit right and look right. Their self-esteem will get a big boost, and they will be the envy of friends and pride of their family. Personal relationships can improve as well because when you like you, others will like you. 
What is the value of these benefits? Health is priceless. Sadly, many do not realize this until they lose it. What is your appearance worth? A lot based bythe money spent on beauty and vanity products and services bought each year. What are the value of personal relationships and self-esteem? They too are priceless, right. 
My story, 75/Fifty Five…Fit and Fat Free, presents a simple to understand and implement strategy. A plan to eat healthily, lose weight to meet your target goal, and then maintain the new permanent you.. If you want to reacquire a part of your pain free, look attractive, more lovable and stylish youth, this is the diet for you. If a 75 year old man can do it, so can you. 





























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