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Peter Joy
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Gnosis Book One

After being ejected from the confines of an Alpine monastery, a young monk returns to a life in which he struggles to find his place. A chance meeting with a mysterious scientist, draws him out of his, once isolated, existence and into a world of intrigue and mystery. Together they uncover a secret that spans across time and space, joining two humanities and piercing the fabric of a broken cosmos.

‘All evil is privation and all it’s agents, parasites.’ Shulkra: Book of Human Principles


Astrid’s father stared out of the window, down to the New York streets below. He feared for his daughter but was careful to show no emotion. A Clerical Agent from Dess, stood behind him, dressed in the same garb as the old man at the wedding. He spoke quietly with a smooth, Caribbean baritone, his hand resting on the back of Astrid's Father's office chair,

‘We know about the portfolio - the accounts. It’s OK. Perfectly understandable - given your daughters complete lack of formation and faith.’

He removed his hand and proceeded to walk about the office, casually eyeing-up it’s contents, like they were part of some new acquisition,

‘No matter. As you know, she’s been very fruitful in yielding Readers and her research has proved to be very interesting indeed. Your concealing her talents has actually worked out for the best.’

Astrid’s father was motionless. He continued to stare out of the window as if he were alone.

‘...Your wife, true to form, has struck a deal with the 9th Chamber. She and your daughter are safe. You get a little time and your life. But after this is over? - Excommunication. And you better make provision... because we are taking it all back - everything.’

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