The Custard King and Other Short Stories
Eric D. Wagoner
About the Author:


About the Author



Eric D. Wagoner is from Indiana, attended St. Bonaventure University in Olean New York and graduated in 1984 with a degree in Social Science.  Over the following years he has lived and worked in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Seattle, Washington.  In 1993 he moved to the Piedmont region of North Carolina where over the next twenty years he worked an “ecliptic number of jobs” from carpenter and day laborer, in textile mill, mail clerk, French bread truck driver and as a graphic designer.  This is his First Book.





          This collection of five short stories was written to both amuse and pacify and are universal, there is something for everyone.

    In The School Bus Driver the reader is informed, from a modified historical perspective, a story of one mans struggle to overcome the barriers of race after his return from world war II. One cheers for Jerry Little from his coming home to his ultimate success at the stories end.

     The story of Oakleaf is about relationships where life imitates art. Oakleaf is a story of unbelievable circumstances. Although fictional, simply put it would be difficult to fabricate the circumstances as what befell the owners of Oakleaf and their neighbors beguiling ways.

     In the Custard King relationships take a hard turn and living life on the blade helps to explain the moral ineptitude and greed of the central characters folly. It is a story of a morally impoverished inventor remembered as the Custard King by those most influenced and taken advantage of by him.

     Atlantic Avenue is a tribute to those who had come before at a time when life was simple, love was everlasting, and a full and happy life could be had for the price of a song.

    Lastly, seeped in the mists of armchair travel is Long road. A sordid, yet incredible, narrative conveyed by a modern day vagabond who lost himself on the king’s highway. This long road is traveled on one thin dime and utilizes all modes of basic transportation including the use of airplane automobile, bicycle, bus, ferryboat, and what seems to be a rather incredible long set of thumbs. 

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