Write, Revise, Rejoice!
Daniel Raynes
About the Author:

Daniel Raynes was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1984. With a lifelong passion for reading and writing he won multiple awards in high school and received a scholarship to Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, which hands out the Sophie Kerr Prize; the largest undergraduate literary award in the country. While a student there, he studied poetry, short stories, plays, screenplays, and novels. Screenplays may have been Daniel’s first love, but novels ended up as his true love.

After taking a long (too long!) absence from his dream of being a writer, Daniel has finally begun to write again. This book was largely written not only to help others, but to help himself remember everything he had learned and to shake off the rust from his finger tips.


Got a Great Idea for a Novel? That’s fantastic! But if you’re struggling to find the right words to breathe life into your reader’s mind, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Between e-mails, texting, and tweeting, too many people have forgotten how to write with style. Some were never taught in the first place. By following the writing exercises in this guide, you’ll be crafting lines with all the rhythm and grace of poetic prose in no time.

Even though writing fiction is one of the most difficult forms of art and entertainment, as it is the culmination of story, philosophy, and an artistic grasp of language, you won’t start typing unprepared.

From doing research and forming a prewrite, to pacing your story and writing an ending, Write, Revise, Rejoice! will show you how to write a novel from start to finish with you controlling the shots - plus much more!

Improve Your Writing Skills By Learning:

  • How to Create Vivid Settings: Simple, easy to do exercises that will paint your imagination onto the page and drop you and your readers right into your fully-realized fictional world.
  • Old Writing Tips and Tricks: Storytelling is nothing new. Learn timeless techniques to keep a fast paced plot and unpredictable characters – and these methods work regardless of the plot or genre of your novel. They’re story-telling tricks.
  • A Writer’s Block Sledgehammer: Unearth an endless well of writing ideas and discover ways to jumpstart your thoughts onto the page. Not to mention, a no-nonsense wake-up call for all you perfectionists out there! (Myself included.)
  • Novels and Other Formats: Learn how screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, journalism, and even video games can impact your style, for better or worse, and how they’re all family members of the written word.
  • How to Write Dialogue: Write realistic dialogue that plays off of the action and description instead of just repeating them. Reveal your characters and plot without boring exposition, too!
  • How to Write Action: See how to write fight scenes by focusing on the emotions of your events, and then stir those same intense feelings within your readers’ minds.
  • How to Write Description: Use similes and metaphors that focus on the meaning of your plot and the experience of your characters, and then revise your way to a polished final draft with a steady stream of thoughts.
  • The Emotion of Your Words: Revise your “informational” sentences into emotional, stylistic prose that creates the story in your reader’s head instead of just informing them about it.
  • Get Off the Nose: Don’t say what you mean! It kills the mood. Suggest what you mean and give your audience space to get their emotions involved. Don’t commit a common rookie mistake and be “on the nose.”
  • Research, Research, Research: Find out how to research your novel and discover the most important question you have to ask, which very few people actually do.
  • How to Become a Writer: From writing in layers to how to get the most out of a creative writing class, you’ll learn how to approach your craft from start to finish.

Millions of people want to know how to write a book, but writing a novel isn’t paint by numbers. No one can tell you exactly what to do and when. What this guide will do is prepare you with all the tools and writing styles you need to write your story, your way.

In an ever-growing library of fiction, your greatest strength is your voice. Have the courage to raise it with the power of emotional writing to back it up. You have the whole world to gain.

I understand how valuable your time is, so written short and to the point, Write, Revise, Rejoice! is all meat – no filler. You’ve got things to do: Like Writing Your Novel!

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