The Great Hijacking
David Joseph
About the Author:

David Joseph is a veteran Air Force Flyer. While in the Air Force, he flew on the HH-53, HH-3, HC-130, C-141, and KC-10 aircraft, and traveled to every continent in the world. His travels and experiences provide unlimited material for writing.
He is the author of Korea x 2 and Silent Six, a military thriller Trilogy, set on the Korean peninsula, The Bully & Other Stories, and the two best seller novelettes, The Great Hijacking and Putin’s Shoot-down!  Both novelettes based on the Malaysian MH370/MH17 Flights. He is currently writing Korea Unified, the third book in the military Trilogy, and Inspirational/Thriller short stories. "I have twenty short stories and three novels in my head!"


The new leader of North Korea carries out hundreds of public executions and searches for an international incident to secure his power from enemies within his own country. From the 1970’s, the North Korea policy of abducting citizens from other countries continues. A Boeing 777 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and rendezvouses behind an American tanker refueling fighters, thus falling in its radar. Chinese Military Computer hackers break into a key defense satellite, a North Korean cargo ship drops a black box into the Indian Ocean, and a home flight simulator has traces of island landings in the Indian Ocean.  All the events combine to produce a perfect storm for “The Great Hijacking.”

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