t.A.T.u. story
Alessandro Paolinelli
About the Author:

Alessandro Paolinelli began his career in national radio (GBR Antenna Italia) in the early 1980s before getting his Masters' degree in Electronics engineering, then moved on to television in 1990s as an executive producer for TVR Autovox. In 2000s he planned the multi-regional broadcast network of Teleitalia 41 and created XX Secolo channel. In 2013 he is the executive producer of Lift Me Up music video with Lena Katina.


The story of a daring music project hatched in Russia after the economic crisis of 1998 with little expectation of success, but which, amazingly, exploded onto the international scene and spawned the most contentious and controversial pop group of the new century, seducing millions of teenagers and causing headaches for TV broadcasting bosses around the world. 
A detailed and documented reconstruction of t.A.T.u.'s success and the social phenomenon of the "shocking lesbian duo" that broke all the rules of Western show business, from the 25 gold and platinum discs they were awarded for their first album up to their break-up in 2011, through the direct accounts of those involved.

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